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Sunny Side Up Honey Glazed Ham, Spiral Sliced Half Ham

honey glazed ham
We use only the finest, carefully selected honey glazed hams so you can be assured of serving the very best. Each honey glazed ham is expertly skinned and trimmed to reduce fat and eliminate waste. Doubly delicious with real honey glazing on the outside and perfect continuous slices (right down to the bone) on the inside. Fully smoked and ready to serve on arrival. Great for formal occasions or casual family dining. A very impressive gift!

Whole hams are 12-14 lbs. and 14-16 lbs. Half hams are 6-8 lbs. Cook from freezer to oven with ease!

Get a 20% discount on orders of 10 or more!!

Call (310) 798-3044 for pricing information.

Sunny Side Up Hickory Smoked Turkey

hickory smoked turkey

Take out the fine china and polish the silverware. Only the best will do for this savory, broad-breasted bird! Each tender whole turkey is hand selected, fully cooked and smoked to the peak of hickory perfection. Simply order the size you need to satisfy a few friends or feed the entire family. Ready to carve, serve and enjoy!

Call (310) 798-3044 for pricing information.

Sunny Side Up Gift Certificates

The perfect answer to the common question: What to give? We will send your recipient a handsome gift certificate in the denomination you specify which they can redeem at any time on any of our assorted foods or products.