Getting The Most From Your Sunny Side Up Honey Baked Ham

Heating Your Ham

honey baked ham
If only a few slices of your honey baked ham are needed, heat them in a skillet for 3 minutes. Prior to heating a whole or half ham let it get to room temperature first. Remove it from the refrigerator and let it sit at room temperature for approximately 45 minutes, remove the polyethylene bag and loosen foil. Place the whole or half ham in a preheated 260° oven for 10 min. per pound. Just heat through (do not bake) as your ham is fully cooked. For microwave heating consult your microwave instruction manual.

Refrigerating Your Ham

honey glazed ham
A Sunny Side Up ham should keep up to one week under proper refrigeration. Because of poorer refrigeration, the hams of 20 years ago had a very high salt content and while they were less perishable, they were also very salty. Sunny Side Up hams are processed to produce a far superior flavor and tenderness, not to keep indefinitely.

Freezing Your Ham

spiral sliced ham
If not to be consumed in one week or less uncooked portions should be frozen as soon as possible. Sunny Side Up hams can be frozen for up to 2 months. Package meal size portions in tightly wrapped aluminum foil. Thaw portions as needed for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Whole or half hams require 36-48 hours to thaw in the refrigerator.

Slicing Instructions

Spiral Slicing is a method of slicing the meat around and around the bone in a spiral manner so that the slices remain in place, and any cut made lengthwise releases the slices. 99% of the hams we sell are spiral sliced.

Removing Spiral Slices

First cut around the center bone with a narrow knife to release the slices from the bone. Next, cut lengthwise back through the spiral slices, (Cutting through the natural muscle lines will give you thirds of full slices to serve.)

Cut slices off the butt end, the rounder end, of the ham. (THIS SECTION IS NOT SPIRAL SLICED.) After further removing several of the spiral slices, the end of the aitch bone will be visible. With a good grip, a sharp knife point, and a twist, the aitch bone can be removed. The large center slices are now accessible and may be removed as on a half ham. If you prefer to start cutting from the shank end, run your knife lengthwise along the center bone all the way to the butt end. Again you should make a couple of the cuts to serve half or third slices.